Eaton offers Powerware UPS (uninterruptible power supply) products as part of our PowerChain Management solutions portfolio. You now have a way to ensure power quality, prevent an outage, ensure energy efficiency, and improve system reliability, while reducing costs. Eaton's full line of Powerware UPS products can deliver the best power quality solution for you.
MGE are your fully integrated solution providers for Critical Power and Cooling Services. Our global customers have already come to trust the products, people, and services behind the APC and MGE names. And now more than 12,000 employees stand side-by-side ready to serve you.
Borri UPS Borri was founded in 1932 in Italy. Since 1960 the main activity has been in the field of power conversion both for domestic and export markets. Borri hold a leading position due to its expertise and continuous research of in state of the art equipment. Our Uninterrupted Power Systems cover the entire Oil and Gas Logistics Chain from exploration and drilling to distribution and retail. Our presence covers the main oil and gas flows around the world On or Off-shore, IT or Electrical Systems.
Chloride is an international provider of secure power solutions for the business continuity of customers worldwide. Our innovative solutions and services protect business critical systems and processes from the damaging effects of poor quality electrical power and power interruptions prevalent in most world economies, both in developed and developing countries.